About US and what we DO.

The ENM Talk Podcast is community outreach podcast to entertain and educate our community and the world about Ethical Non-monogamy.

Featuring your hosts Michael, Ellie and Christina… also known as the Love Tribe, we will discuss topics from all corners of non-monogamy. From Swinging to Polyamory and everywhere in between!

YouTube Live & DualCast Shows

Join us for fun conversations about ENM, but also get a glimpse into the lives of a healthy functioning triad who practices Ethical Non-monogamy both within their triad and out.

ENM Talk Podcast

For our audiophiles who prefer the true podcast experience… here’s where you can find our audio versions of the ENM Talk Podcast!

Recipes for Love

Who doesn’t love food? Imagine a food channel with an ENM twist! That’s where Recipes for Love comes in… join our followers for some yummy treats you can try out yourself