What is the ENM Talk Podcast?

The ENM Talk Podcast is community outreach podcast to entertain and educate our community and the world about Ethical Non-monogamy. Featuring your hosts Michael, Ellie and Christina… also known as the Love Tribe, we will discuss topics from all corners of non-monogamy. From Swinging to Polyamory and everywhere in between!

The ENM Talk Podcast website serves as a hub for the different online presences we have… you’re welcome to register and comment here. But you should also be sure to like and follow us on the various social networks and platforms we broadcast on. The ENM Talk Podcast Show consists of two online presences for completely different audiences, and entertainment preferences.

The ENM Talk Podcast

This is the original podcast show. This is a traditional podcast where we will cover ENM related topics, but mostly will be an opportunity for us to interview real people from the Ethical Non-monogamy community. We love meeting new people, and love sharing your stories with the world. Our padcast can be played directly from this site, just know that if you minimize this browser there will very likely be interruptions in your playback. Instead, we recommend following us on your favorite podcast player… we’re available on most podcast player platforms… you can find them linked in the player below.

The ENM Talk LIVEcast Show

We believe in being real and relatable. One of the things that always amazes us, is how most people who engage in Ethical Non-Monogamy are just regular average every day people.

We feel like we represent that “regular folks” image very well… and we also think that as people who engage both from a polyamorous approach who also love casual play from time to time, we are very relatable to most people in the ENM lifestyle. We’re fantastically fun and frisky, but at the same time able to tackle some heavy topics that will help people through their own struggles, and help the world understand just who we are… and how relatable we are.

With our Livecast show we will give you a glimpse into who we are as a polyamorous family. You’ll get a glimpse into our personalities and our interpersonal connections. Together we will tackle topics that come up in our communities, current events and challenging moments either we or others have faced and talk about them… so that others who are experiencing similar situations might not feel so alone and isolated.

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